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CLR Power Plumber Pressurized Drain Opener unclogs drains in seconds!

CLR Power Plumber...
Clears even the toughest clogs instantly
Won’t harm sound plumbing
15 applications in one 4.5 oz. can environmentally safe
Contains no harsh acids, additives or lye
Contains no CFC’s
  Made in the USA
Comes with a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

Look for CLR Power Plumber in these sizes:
CLR Power Plumber is sold in a 4.5 oz. can. See our "Where to Buy" section for the retailer nearest you.

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I had a late night back up in my bath tub. I used to work in plumbing and I am very skeptical of the drain cleaning products out there mainly because I know that they do not work and cause damage to your pipes. I was very skeptical about this product, especially after opening it and seeing this little can. I followed the directions thinking that I'd be opening the bottle of liquid drain cleaner soon after. To my surprise, my bathtub drain was cleared after three 1 second compressions. I was also happy to know that I still had 9 applications left. No harmful chemicals. No waiting 15- 45 minutes for a product that might not work. It was in a matter of seconds as advertised on the box. This is a wonderful alternative to the drain cleaners out there and to making an expensive service call. I have already started to recommend CLR's Power Plumber to all of my friends and family. This plumber approves!

Rosalind A.
San Jose, CA

WOW! What a great product you have here! (And the fact that it is non-toxic is a mega plus!) My utility sink has always been a very slow draining sink. This month, as we were washing off fruit that we recently harvested, this sink/drain became almost totally plugged. It would take 45 minutes for a full sink of water to drain. I've tried nearly every kind of drain cleaner product to no avail. Just as I was beginning to think that a call to my plumber was in order, I purchased the CLR Power Plumber at Lowe's. It only took 3 applications to get rid of the plug, and now the sink/drain also drains faster than I could ever get from my manual plunger - which is what the drain really needed. I am very impressed with this product and have already mentioned it to several friends.

Thank you for making Power Plumber - it is awesome!

Joanne M. D.
Sunnyvale, CA

To Whom This May Concern:

I purchased your CLR Power Plumber today from Landers Hardware in Michigan. They ordered it for me last week and it was worth the wait. I couldn't be more pleased, my bathtub had such a bad clog that plunging and chemicals did nothing.
I had been emptying the tub by the bucket full into the toilet for over 2 weeks. I used the power plumber (hitting it 6 times) and my drain is running free and clear.
I also purchased it because it is Environmentally Safe. You have a great product and wish to compliment your company and the inventor of the Power Plumber. I will recommend it to everyone…..This is the first time I have ever written a company about their product - I had to this time because it is so outstanding to say the least.

It might sound silly to tell you - but it made my day.

Thank you so much,

Madeline D.
Bangor, MI

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