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Prepping your home for winter

If you want to make your spring cleaning easier, start cleaning in the fall. Cleaning your windows and screens will let the sun shine in and brighten your home all winter long. A clean humidifier filter will help keep your… Continue reading

Removing water spots from hail damage

The weather has been wild throughout the United States this year and the resulting water damage has left us all with quite a bit of cleaning. We received one question from an individual who was dealing with water spots on… Continue reading

Cleaning up for the Fourth of July

Stephanie Trussell in her blog “Tiffany & Stephanie” discussed cleaning up her outdoor furniture and grill prior to her Fourth of July BBQ and fireworks show. She used CLR® BBQ Grill Cleaner on her grill and CLR® Outdoor Furniture Cleaner… Continue reading

Expert advice on cleaning your kitchen

Missy Garcia of Fresh Start Berkshire Home, a family-owned cleaning business, recently created a “31-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge” that will clean and organize your entire house. Missy’s “Week 2 challenge” focused on tidying up the kitchen. Her blog post includes… Continue reading

Spring cleaning tips

Now that spring is officially here it’s time to jump on your spring cleaning projects and get your home ready for the warm weather ahead. This is the time to spruce up the inside of your home and start on… Continue reading

A clean house for the holidays

If you think your holidays are long, traditional Puerto Rican families may celebrate the holidays all the way from Thanksgiving until, if they celebrate Octavas and Octavitas, the end of January. During the holidays they can expect carolers, friends and… Continue reading

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