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What’s YOUR cleaning personality?

Do you enjoy cleaning or find cleaning a stress reliever? Is cleaning a chore that you avoid at all costs? Take our quiz, find out the truth about your cleaning personality and you might win a CLR® Product Pack. Check… Continue reading

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Keep in touch with what is going on with CLR Products on Facebook. Check out our cleaning tips or share some of your own. And, don’t miss out on any of our contests or sweepstakes. You can win our… Continue reading

“I Spy” photo contest

Have you noticed that the CLR family of products is sporting a new look? The next time you spot one of our CLR products with the new look, grab a photo and upload it to our Facebook page. You can… Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions

Jelmar’s president, Alison Gutterman, is not fond of New Year’s resolutions. Not only does she think that these resolutions make us do what we don’t want to do, but they can also make us miss out on “some amazing experiences… Continue reading

Holiday gift guide

We recently shared Tarn-X Jewelry Cleaner with Melissa at the Consumer Queen Blog for a review. After sharing the product for review, Melissa included our jewelry cleaner in their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide amongst a range of other useful, fun… Continue reading