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Speed cleaning

If you are anything like me or most of the people I know, you wait until the last minute to clean your house when friends or family are coming over. My normal cleaning habit is to take one project at… Continue reading

Avoiding Chore Wars

Jelmar and CLR recently conducted a study on couples or roommates, their cleaning practices at home and, in some cases, the resulting arguments. On October 20th, relationship expert Dr. Robi Ludwig was interviewed on the Today Show on the challenges… Continue reading

Teamwork and Cleaning

A great way to teach your children teamwork and cleaning at the same time is to create a contest for the family. Make yourself and your spouse the captains of two opposing teams and divide your children up between the… Continue reading

Cleaning as a game

I’ve found that one of the best ways to motivate kids to clean is to make cleaning a game.  I’m sure you have all participated in a White Elephant gift exchange over Christmas.  My suggestion is to use… Continue reading

Earning their keep?

When your kids get older, before they start working, they have reached a point in their lives when they need money but they have no other options other than to get money from you.  When that time comes, you’ll… Continue reading

Cleaning toys for charity

How would you like to get your child’s playroom and your backyard clean of old toys as well as teach your child the virtues of helping their fellow man?  To achieve this lofty end, sit down with your child… Continue reading

Teaching kids to clean

One of the harder tasks you’ll face in raising your children is motivating them to clean.  One technique that I have found to be successful is to tie the chore with a reward and to hide the entire lesson… Continue reading

Coin collecting with your kids

Coin collecting is a wonderful way that you can have fun with your children.  Start by buying them a cardboard coin folder for Lincoln head pennies and a roll of pennies for the folder.  Sit down with them,… Continue reading