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How to fix a clogged dishwasher

Tami from Lansing, Michigan was beside herself when a repairman told her that she would have to replace her relatively new dishwasher. “Hello CLR!!! I’m a believer! My dishwasher quit working. I called a repairman. He said that it was… Continue reading

Cleaning an old ornate mirror

We were contacted online by Lisa from Texas about a mirror she inherited from her grandmother that was difficult to clean. “I inherited a very ornate antique Chinese/Japanese mirror which was a wedding present to my grandmother from her sister.… Continue reading

How to clean cloudy glasses

Have you noticed a cloudy look to your water glasses? As time goes on, calcium, because of its natural density and hardness as a mineral, can actually etch and embed itself into the glass giving your glasses a spotty or… Continue reading

Stop carpet stains in 3 easy steps

I was at my good friend Michelle’s housewarming a few years ago and someone spilled their red wine on her white carpet. I wish she had a bottle of CLR Stain Magnet® to clean her beautiful carpeting. In addition… Continue reading

Cleaning a 200 year old horseshoe

Not often do you get a question about cleaning something from the 1800’s, but Michael from New Jersey asked us about a horseshoe he found. “I found an old steel horseshoe from the 1800’s that was buried for many years… Continue reading

How to clean a rusty toilet

Gordon from Palm Springs, California is dealing with a problem that many homeowners face. “What is the best way to clean rust from a toilet bowl?”


Gordon, we have a product that is formulated to get rid of rust…… Continue reading

How to clean a showerhead

When you take a shower does it feel as if the water stream is not as strong as it once was? It’s not your water pressure. It’s time for you to clean your showerhead. Over time minerals in the water… Continue reading

Works well with no toxic fumes

When you live near water you are constantly fighting mold and mildew. Annette from Kihei, Hawaii contacted us because she was curious what ingredients are in CLR® Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. “What is exactly in CLR Mold… Continue reading

Shining your silver dishes

Dianna from Van Nuys California was having trouble getting the shine back into her silver dishes. “I scrubbed my silver dishes for 30 minutes with no great appreciable difference using a different cleaner. Still there were marks. Then I tried… Continue reading

Summer cleaning tips

Summer is here! Make sure your backyard is ready for all your summer fun. You’ll need to clean your grill, outdoor furniture as well as your children’s outside toys. You should even clean your siding and windows. Check out our… Continue reading

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