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Add sparkle to your treasures

During the summer, casual parties are all the rage.  Paper plates, plastic silverware on paper tablecloths replace my good flatware, serving pieces and linen tablecloths.  That’s why I look forward to the end of the year when entertaining… Continue reading

Keeping your pipes flowing

I received a, what on the surface, would seem to be an unusual question from Marion in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. She asked, “I would like to know if I can use CLR Septic System Treatment on a regular household drain… Continue reading

Cleaning a whirlpool

Cleaning a whirlpool

Sue from Bisbee, AZ contacted me recently with a very specific question regarding CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover. She asked, “I live in a hard water area and have an American Standard Lifetime acrylic whirlpool tub.… Continue reading

Cleaning tough soap residue

I heard from Carla in Waycross, Georgia about a problem she was having in her new home.  “I found this product (CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner) in 2004 when we bought our home and had to clean… Continue reading

Degreasing your grill

My buddy Garrett always waits until the last minute for everything.  It’s almost summer and now he is finally asking me how to get his grill really clean.  I told him that he could get his grill looking… Continue reading

CLR helps a “Car Nut”

Mike from Lufkin, Texas came up with the most unusual use for CLR I have ever seen. “I am not sure if it was your product (CLR) or the Scotch Brite pad I used, but one of the… Continue reading

Keeping your boat clean

I received an email from George in Hainesport, New Jersey with an idea for all you mariners out there.  “I had been trying to clean white water stains from my black outboard motor for years.  The lake I… Continue reading

Keeping the rust off your clothes

I heard from Theresa in Southgate, Kentucky with a problem that occurs often especially in areas that have hard water.  “Our washer is leaving rust stains on our clothes.  Thought I’d give your product a try before flipping… Continue reading

A tune-up for your Dishwasher

Dishwashers can last for years, but, depending on your water, they can over time stop running efficiently because of calcium and rust buildup.  The email I received from Amy in Glendale, Arizona is typical to many I receive.  … Continue reading