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Spring cleaning for your grill

Now that it’s time to fire up your grill, you may want to give it a good cleaning before you cook your first meal. After cleaning, your grill will look great. More importantly, the taste of your food will not… Continue reading

Singing about CLR Power Plumber

A slow draining bathtub can make your family’s life miserable. Kelly from McHenry Illinois was so excited after CLR® Power Plumber® unclogged her drain that she broke into song! “Thank you! I LITERALLY just sang the “hallelujah chorus.”… Continue reading

Getting rid of a tough clog

Rachelle from Madison, Ohio had just about run out of options in her attempt to unclog her laundry room washtub when she decided to try CLR® Power Plumber®. “I just wanted to praise your product CLR Power… Continue reading

Cleaning silver trays and tea sets

Vicky from Pueblo, Colorado had a formal dinner and needed to clean some of her seldom used serving pieces. “I was celebrating a big anniversary last year and our entire extended family came in for it, first time in years.… Continue reading