Diane from Oakdale Connecticut sent us an email and mentioned that she is too old to spend an hour cleaning her bathtub.  Diane, age has nothing to do with it.  Nobody wants to spend an hour cleaning their tub!  Diane wrote, “THANK YOU!!!  Out of desperation I bought your CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner.  It’s the best investment I could have made.  I have iron and sulfur in my water which turns everything brown.  I have tried scrubbing, bleaching, dry powder cleansers, etc. to no avail.  I have even used a scrub pad to try to clean my bathtub.  I’m not young anymore and can’t spend an hour cleaning the bathtub.  When I tried your product I found that I didn’t need to scrub anything.  Yahooo.  I just let it sit for awhile then rinsed it off.  It even continues to clean days later.  My tub is actually white again.  Thank you!”


Diane, CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner like all of Jelmar’s products “turns chore time into your time.”  You can use our cleaner on more than just your bathtub.  If it is not treated with a synthetic coating, CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner will make quick work of the soap residue on the tub’s enclosure.  You can use it all throughout your bathroom and kitchen.  Clean the soap residue off of your white grout and tile, sink and the sliding door to your shower.  CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner is safe on glass, plastic, ceramic tile and more.


When cleaning, apply the solution to a clean damp cloth, sponge or directly to the surface to be cleaned, allow the foam time to work and then rinse with clean, cold water.  Always use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner in a well ventilated area while wearing household rubber gloves and test a hidden area of the surface before beginning to clean.  Never leave the solution on a surface for more than two or three minutes.


A cleaner that works

James from Bunker Hill Indiana is a bit of a skeptic.  When he bought CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover he doubted that it would work as well as advertised.  “I tried your CLR cleaner for the first time, and fell in love!  I was very skeptical when buying this product because almost all cleaners say the same thing, but never work.  Before using your product my shower head was barely putting out any water, almost like I had no water pressure, then I used the CLR and now it’s like I have a brand new shower head. Not only did the CLR open up the holes, it removed all the lime scale buildup on the outside of the shower head as well.  I will definitely be using CLR again in the future. Thank you for making a product that actually works like it says it does!”


We are glad you were not disappointed, James.  As James found out CLR is a great way to clean away calcium and lime deposits as well as scale from your shower head.  CLR will also work on porcelain, chrome, glassware, fiberglass, stainless steel and grout.  To use CLR, mix equal amounts of CLR and warm water.  Apply directly to the calcium, lime or rust stain with a brush, cloth or sponge and rinse promptly with cold, clean water.  If the stain does not disappear, use CLR full strength and then wipe and rinse promptly with cold, clean water.