toiletGary from Lathrop California contacted me with a question that comes up quite a bit on how to clean a toilet with CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover.  “How can I remove hard water stains from the toilet?  A ring forms at the water line.”


Depending on the severity of the stain, Gary, there are a number of ways to clean your toilet stain.  If the stain is severe, drain the water from the toilet by either bailing out the water or by turning off the water to the toilet and flushing.  While wearing household rubber gloves, pour five to six ounces of CLR into the toilet and scrub with a toilet brush or pumice stone made for toilets for two minutes until the stain disappears.  Once the stain is gone, turn on the water if you had turned it off and then flush the toilet.  If the stain is not as severe, simply pour three ounces directly into the water in the toilet, scrub and flush.  For routine cleaning, use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner and spray the cleaner on the toilet brush or under the rim and inside the toilet, brush and flush.  Check out our video on cleaning your toilet for all the details.


Getting oil stains off your driveway

Anyone who has a teenager with an old car wants to know the answer to Ria from Tampa Florida’s question on driveway oil stains.  “I don’t know which product to use to clean my driveway.  My driveway has oil stains and has become dark in color.  What can I use to make my driveway look new without harming my grass?  Thanks.”


You’ll want to use CLR Grease Magnet to clear up your oil stain.  CLR Grease Magnet is a fast-acting powerful cleaner formulated to make short work of cleaning stubborn oil, grease and tar from cement, blacktop, garage floors as well as a wide variety of other surfaces.  Plus, Grease Magnet won’t harm grass, shrubs or any surrounding vegetation.


Ria, to get rid of the oil stains sweep the area clean of heavy dirt and dust and then test a small, hidden area of the surface first before cleaning the spots.  To clean the spots, wear household rubber gloves and pour or brush full strength Grease Magnet onto an area no larger than 12″ x 12″ and, depending on the size and difficulty of the stain, let the solution soak for one to five minutes.  Finally, clean the area with a brush or broom until the stain is loosened and rinse at once with cool, clean water.