Shining your silver dishesDianna from Van Nuys California was having trouble getting the shine back into her silver dishes. “I scrubbed my silver dishes for 30 minutes with no great appreciable difference using a different cleaner. Still there were marks. Then I tried Tarn-X® Silver Polish and immediately all marks were gone and my silver was SHINY again. Thank you Jelmar!”


As Dianna discovered, getting your silver dishes shiny does not have to be a difficult project. Tarn-X Silver Polish is a gentle all-purpose silver polish that leaves you with a bright, even finish. In addition to polishing, Tarn-X Silver Polish protects your silver with an invisible shield that slows the formation of tarnish. Our product is the best polish for your finest silver and silver plate including silver platters, silver coffee and tea service sets, silver plated silverware, silver serving pieces and decorative silver pieces.