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Do you have a cleaning tip using our family of products that saves time, money or just does a better job with a tough cleaning challenge? Share it with our community and then stop by often to see all the new cleaning ideas that have been added. Our members really do know best!

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Every day we receive hundreds of great tips from people like you. We can't publish all of them, but we review tips daily and post them to this page on a regular basis. Your experiences as well as those from the rest of the community are what make our homes a cleaner place to live and this site the ultimate cleaning resource.

Our favorite cleaning tips from people just like you:
There are all kinds/sizes of brushes on the market today for cleaning jobs, but for small areas such as around sink faucets, sink edges, narrow shower door slide areas, I still prefer a toothbrush. So don't throw your old toothbrushes out. Sterilize them and change their job from cleaning teeth to cleaning packed dirt or mildew out of small areas.

Patsy P.
i have never used your cleaning products before but i like to see how they work

james m.
I have tried every cleaning product for my fiberglass shower....nothing worked....when I used the CLR Bathroom Cleaner...I was truly amazed. No scrubbing, just spray, let it sit and you have a super clean bathtub and doors...........I am so glad I found this product!!!!! I will never be without it.

Paula M.
Your dishwasher doesnt work properly, you have tried eveything. Still no pressure Inside, the top arm doesnt rotate, glass and plastic dishes are not nice clean enough. You dont feel that there is no pressure in the diswasher. It could be anything preventing the flow of water. Use 2-3 ounces of CLR , it might make a difference. Dont forget to do a second cycle to rince and to make sure it's working fine. It might save you the handyman.

Fortin F.
Have a foul, crusty ring around your toilet bowl that no cleaner will remove? Use a Pumie Heavy Duty Scouring Stick. It is under $2 and removes that calcified line so quickly and easily. I had tried every cleaner a scrubbed and scrubbed. I could not believe how easily this stick removed the filthy ring that I had been suffering with the previous owners left behind when we moved into our new house. It was so easy and amazing my 12 year old son wanted to do his own toilet and calls it the magic stick!

Jessica G.
As a service company we were always looking for a product that would clean the inside of front load washers that would be safer for the environment and still get the cleaning job done. I used CLR in the past for our shower heads and decided to try it again. We purchased the CLR cleaner and the CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner. We used the CLR cleaner on the basket assembly to remove all the calcium build up and add a little water and bingo, 30 minutes later with a toilet brush the stainless steel basket is clean, as for the tub assembly that is made of plastic

This is the best cleaning supplies there is

Chastity L.
I have used Mr. Clean erasers (dry) to clean lamp shades. Just wipe shades with the Magic Eraser. That's all. Dawn dish detergent is my favourite window/mirror cleaner. Just add Dawn to hot water, wet cloth, wash glass surface, rinse cloth, wring well, recipe glass, dry with soft clean cloth. Done!

Lucille N.
I Heard CLR was good cleaning Liquid to clean any thing you can get done. I Am Thinking of Trying this stuff.

Thomas E.
Just to let you know, rabbits can be litter trained, like cats. But for accidents, you van use the product as per article.

Linda H.
Veg oil and vinerger will clean wood surfaces, rub on , will soak in .. No rinse

Gail C.
love love love your CLR bath cleaner.

Beth L.
In the professional house cleaning industry,we use CLR full strength (wearing gloves and goggles of course!) on tubs and toilets to restore them to their original state. Once this is done, cleaning them becomes much, much easier! Mike Copsey Cacros Cleaners LLC

Mike C.
I just love your product!! Thank you

Sharon T.
When cleaning a textured tub and/or shower use a brush and rinse often it will clean faster. The reason the brush will allow you to get inside the deeper areas of the textured surface. By rinsing often or doing small sections at a time it prevents the dirt and grime from settling back in the nooks and crannies

Julie B.
When we start cleaning bathrooms, we immediately fill the bathtub 2 inches deep or so with hot water. The heat from the water helps when we use any chemicals... including our favorite (CLR!) White Glove Premium Cleaning

Candice L.
I use CLR for cleaning my toliet and shower. I even use to clean my pennies. I collect pennies because my Mother passed away 3 years ago. She always told me to pick up pennies on the ground. She stated the pennies are from heaven. The angels get ther wings when they drop pennies. ( Pennies from Heaven )

Pam S.
Recently I had to get rid of black/dirty looking stains that were in the bottom of a toilet. I scooped the water out (2litres) with a small cup off a laundry detergent container. Put undiluted industrial strenghth CLR in a squeeze bottle (empty plastic tomato sauce container) and was able to reach the back of the bowl area. I waited about 30 minutes and then attacked it with a screwdriver. Some came off. After a second application ...success! An as-new toilet bowl appeared! The owner was very... happy! Cathy R

Cathy R.
I use peroxide to get out blood stains from my clothing. I have never had it fade my clothing but you might want to check it before putting it somewhere noticeable.

Leann C.
I use CLR bath and kitchen cleaner to clean build up residue on glass shower doors and walls. Let it sit for a while, rinse it off completely, and reapply if necessary. Once the residue is gone, and it will be, use any glass cleaner to shine that glass and remove any streaks. Works every time! I love CLR and have used it for many years. It is always my go to cleaner for almost everything.

Christy K.
CLR for glass wine decanters! CLR is the only product that can remove the haze from all those nooks and crannies.

Gary W.
To clean peanut butter (or other nut) jars, pour boiling water, needs only about 1/3 of the jar (I happened to set up a sieve to pour off pasta water water over the jar) - (carefully shake jar, pref. with a thick cloth to avoid scalding hands), open carefully and voila - no more stuff to remove). Ready for the recycle bin! I love CLR bath & kitchen cleaner as well as CLR.

Lillian W.
Used CLR to clean a limed up shower head, it works as good as new now, Its a joy to take a shower again with the full water volume coming out of the head, just soaked the head over night and the CLR did the trick? Rich K.

Richard K.
I used CLR to clear a clogged bathtub drain & it worked great! HINT: after pouring half bottle CLR into bathtub drain let it sit for 30-45 mins before plunging. Plunge drain vigorously for 5-10 mins! If its still clogged add second half of CLR & let it sit for another 30-45 mins before plunging. When water flows again, let it all drain, then run very hot water thru drain for 5 mins. It's great! TY Jelmar!! Cheers, Len

Bill P.
I want to thank you for such an awesome product! I have an older farm house and there is well water which as you will be able to tell stains everything! My dad was living in this house and the shower had not been cleaned in several years. I recently took on the project even though a plumber told me I would never be able to get the stains out due to the textured surface of the shower insert, I proved him WRONG! It looks like new! My cleaning tip is to spray it on, wait a while to let it wor

Patty W.
To clean my microwave, I put a 1 1/2 quart corningware dish filled halfway with water and set the timer for six minutes on high. It steams all of the gunk off without any chemical smells or scrubbing.

Theresa L.
i have found that cleaning is no longer a problem now that i found u SUE and ur web site keep up the good job u are the BEST thanks paul h

paul h.
I did submit one re: my coffee maker But I found the answer . I am a "Smoker" living in a very small place. I have been using CLR ceilings & walls to get the smoke stain & smell off of the paint. I have tried other "PRO" Cleaners but there is NOTHING that compares to C L R PERIOD.

Carol T.
Jelmar is such a great company, their products are amazing and they truely care about their customers! They have one of the best customer service team out there. I had an issue and they worked until it was right!!! Thank You so much Jelmar, for great products and great Customer service!

Chantell C.
Stainless Steel Cleaner is hands down the best out there. I've purchased useless other products, and they leave horrible films or streaks. I apply with a soft old t shirt and finish off with a clean microfiber cloth. Boy, does it shine! It also combats those nasty fingertip marks for a while.

Sue S.
Its such an amazing experience after hurting my fingers and hand by scrubbing and still don't get results. With clr I'm amazed with the results its wonderful... its what every women's needs....

Rajwant l.
Days of spending my time and money on products that don't get the job done are over. I reach for my CLR. PATRICIA F.

Patricia F.
I have been using CLR products for years because it makes my household cleaning easier. JEFFREY A

I have a wood stove which became rusty. I was told to clean it with olive oil . I was amazed how it really worked.

elaine d.
CLR is the only thing that helps with our hard water stains!!! <3 CLR. Need to be able to buy in bulk.

April T.
I have well water with noticeable rust and CLR takes care of any problems for me. My tip is that it works in any situation one comes up with.

Deanna S.
My husband has a favorite glass he drinks out of. It is actually in the style of a mason jar with a handle. For some reason I can't get it clean running it through the dishwasher. It always looks foggy, so I tried CLR Kitchen and Bathroomcleaner on it and shines. Of course I washed it and rinsed it well after that application.

Eileen T.
For years I have been scrubbing my bathfitter showers with every known product to man. Someone suggested CLR to me and I will never spend hours apon hours scrubbing again! All I have to do is rinse with water and I am through :) My most hated chore in my house has now become a breeze!!

Allana F.
CLR kitchen and Bath is my #1 BEST product! Just wish I could buy it in bulk!

Samantha J.

My irrigation system sprays hard water onto the newly painted brick exterior of my home leaving a yellow cast on an otherwise pristine surface. I experimented with CLR to remove the stain and found that the optimal dilution is 50/50 CLR to water. I sprayed the stains and after only one application, the stains disappeared!!! I am pleased to find a solution that does not involve repainting sections of my home!

John C.
I have tried almost everything on the cleaning aisle and nothing would clean my stand up shower and tub. I have been in my house for almost four years and nothing worked. I actually hated my shower because it was so dirty. Completely out of options, I went to Lowe's in the bath section and told the employee my problem and he recommended C L R. The sun shined on me! The best product I have ever used. After years of trying all types of cleaners I sprayed it on waited two minutes and wiped it down... My shower is finally clean. I am still AMAZED! Thanks

Zanthia R.
Thanks to a tip from you guys we now know how to clean the clothes washer. Now ,heres a tip from me. You may already know this one,but, when washing towels don`t add fabric softner. It makes them 100% more absorbent,& they dry faster,too.

Allison N.
My daughter has to use a warm mist humidifier year round. This is the only product that will safely clean the mineral deposits from her humidifier.

julie f.
We use a pellet stove for winter heat and it produces heavy soot on the vinyl siding of our house. We tried several products to clean this the last 2 springs but nothing would get it off. This spring we used CLR and scrubbed it with a grill cleaning pad and were very impressed with the result. It took the soot right off. We will use this from now on.

Jerry J.
After spending hours scrubbing the bathtub and surround to get it clean from the soap scum each week it was too hard on my back. I discovered CLR for bath and kitchen and cleaning took on a new meaning of easy! Just sprayed on, left for 2 minutes, came back to sponge off and it was clean, even the faucets were shiny and new again. I recommend it to everyone now!

Barbara K.
Works perfect for cleaning my stainless steel pots and pans and leaves my sinks looking like brand new

Liela W.
CLR to the husband works in the oilfield and there are so-o-o many cleaning challenges. I'll begin with the mucky oil and dirt rings left in the tub (yes he likes baths), sweat ring around his shirt collar and oil splatters on the remainder of his clothes. Once we began using CLR's products, something that was a challenge in our life became simple to clean. Our next test will be on our septic tank. We'll let you know how it progresses...until later, good luck to all of your cleaning trials.

Marj C.
After almost 8 years of having rings in the toilet, I tried CLR. In minutes they were gone! No more scrubbing or nasty chemicals. Hooray!

carolyn s.
We were having trouble with septic tank puddling in back yard so I used CLR septic treatment one time and WOW it dried right up and so I use it once a month now. NO PROBLEMS!!!

Celia R.
I use Tarnx to clean my diamond jewelry and I get so many compliments about how "sparkly" they are.

Deborah M.
We moved into our 12 year old house and the drains were slow. Now our house is 18 years old and the drains are, or were, even slower and clog for no apparent reason. I have used all types of chemicals to unclog the drains and perhaps clean them, it never helped. Then, I plunged the drains. They cleared up but that lasted a few weeks. I thought perhaps there was deposits in the drains, plunged them again, then added CLR. The drains have been clean and drain quickly.

Robin S.
After using clr to clean with I found myself only buying clr products, I sugest this to all my friends and family, thanks clr

debra r.
My coffee maker was on its deathbed due to our hard water. I used CLR one time and now I have back my old faithful coffee maker. Thank you CLR for saving my dear friend!

dawn m.
My sister and I noticed a "mystery" stain in the toilet of a house I was moving in. We put almost a whole gallon of bleach in it and let it set for 24 hours.....nothing. We scrubbed and scrubbed....nothing. Finally, we used a quarter cup of CLR and after about 20 minutes or so, the stain came off with one scrub with the toilet brush! Amazing!

Helen A.
If you are motivated don't stop cleaning.

Lupe S.
I had a rust stain in my toilet bowl from a paperclip when we moved in 12 yrs. ago left from previous tenant. Tried everything, then one day saw comercial on t.v., figured we'd try it. After 12 yrs. it was gone!!!

judy d.
I keep duplicate cleaning products in both of my bathrooms so I don't have to haul my CLR all over the house.

Sherrie T.
if u have a tube of toothpaste that the been left off take and old tooth brush and the paste scrub your facets with it.

barbie c.
I have metal pan that I have used for severl years and has had spills and burned into thr bottom and sides.I tryed CLR onit, let it sit over night and next day I used a smal brush to scurb and a plastic sucbar. The pan looks good now.

Albert O.
Have a BMW and the wheels (actually rims) get black quickly. CLR cleans them so they look like NEW!!

Bill D.
Have a BMW and the wheels get black quickly. CLR cleans them so they look like NEW!!

Claudia B.
I always over estimate the time it takes to clean. Now, instead of worrying about how long it will take, I set a timer. I work for 15-60 minutes (whatever time I have available) and when I'm done, I'm done. No need to spend all day cleaning, just get it done in short segments.

Caitlin T.
Just want everyone to know. Have you ever tried cleaning the inside of glass on a gas fireplace? I bought expensive cream. And it was so bad to apply and remove....I only did it once....3 years ago! I started my gas fireplace today and noticed the increased buildup of 'white residue ADHERED to the glass' glass cleaner will touch it! I thought 'oh well what the hell' I'll try CLR. It was unbelievable! I mean it! "Unbelievable" I used a little scratchy pad that I buy by the dozen at the $1.00 store. Just sprayed and rubbed the scratchy pad around.

Wayne M.
After sweeping floors i use a and held dustbuster (that is mounted in my half bath permanently to a wall and always charging) to vacuum up the dust piled leaving no line of dirt left behind, just empty and remount and your done!

Lorraine L.
Maybe someone else has suggested, but I just got done cleaning the back of my filberglass boat and the outdrive part of the stern drive using CLR bathroom cleaner. Trick is just let CLR do the work, two coats and a little scrubbing with a brush and it looks like new! Be sure to rinse with clear water when done.

Bill G.
We were needing to paint our porch. We had some stubborn stains from flower pots that had leached into the concrete. We tried everything and decided to give our CLR a try -- we were trying EVERYthing in our cleaning buckets. We let the CLR sit for a bit and it did a better job than the acid products we were using. We were able to paint without the rusty mess showing through! Thanks CLR

Denise R.
I just washed a load of laundry, as I opened the washer I was met with a large black stain on the washer drum after finding an ink pen in the washer I proceeded to attempt to remove the stain. First trying the old stand by WD40 with no success I tried the CLR and to my great relief the CLR immediately removed all the ink with little effort. Thank you for your vestal product.

Anna D.
I have a 17 year old daughter with thick, long hair. After about a week, my bathtub drain would start running slower and slower from the build up of hair and her conditioner. I was forced to use chemical drain cleaners almost every two weeks to keep my drain running smoothly. I knew I was hurting my pipes, but what could I do? Finally I tried CLR Power Plumber. I was amazed. The drain cleared instantaneously and has been running smoothly for over two weeks. The chemical drain cleaners never cleared my pipes like this and, since there are 15 uses i

Bill P.

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