Chore Wars®: Parents vs. Children - Survey Results

Chore Wars: The Next Generation – Cleaning Quiz

Dr. Michele Borba’s Tips for Avoiding a Chore War with the Next Generation

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Chores? What chores?
They keep their own room clean, but that’s about it.
We split the chores pretty evenly among the family.
Who needs a maid when you have kids cleaning everything?
Constant vigilance!
Gentle (and not so gentle!) reminders are needed.
Only need to remind them once every blue moon.
They finish their chores before I ask – and often look around for more to do.
I run a tight ship. Chores not done? No playtime for you!
I don’t ask the kids to do chores. Easier to do it myself, plus I’ll do a better job.
It’s nice when my children occasionally do a chore – even if I have to bribe them
I strive to teach my children the importance of shared responsibility – we’re a team
      after all.
Yes – I get tired of their dirty messes and there are constant battles.
Yes – However, they always start cleaning after hearing the consequences.
No – It’s not worth the fight.
No – We all pitch in and get the cleaning done together.
Good team work leads to good team play! We celebrate a job well-done with
      fun family activities.
I give my kids an allowance or reward when they do their chores.
I pamper myself for all the work I did…myself.
The house is never clean.