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Many CLR products are Greenvenient™…a convenient way to be green.


CLR SST is the ONLY septic system treatment to be partnered with the EPA’s DfE formula for safer chemistry
3 treatments for systems up to 1500 gallons
Works instantly, can be used any time of day
Patented stabilization process allows for live, active bacteria to be deposited into the septic system
CLR SST is the next generation, state of the art technology
CLR SST can be poured down any drain vs. dry septic system treatments that have to be flushed down toilets
CLR SST uses more environment-friendly ingredients. Other products have detergents, preservatives, and inert “carriers” that the bacteria attach to.

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Look for CLR Septic System Treatment in these sizes:

CLR Septic System Treatment is sold in a 14 oz. as well as 28 oz. pour and go bottle. See our "Where to Buy" section for the retailer nearest you.

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